WordPress 3.2 “Gershwin” Released

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Yesterday, version 3.2 of WordPress (named “Gershwin”) was officially released. The main purpose of this release was to clean up the code to make the WordPress software more lightweight and faster. The first thing I noticed about this new release is the WordPress Dashboard has also been updated with a sleeker, more modern look. One really cool feature I’m actually using as I write this article is the new fullscreen “zen” mode. When you activate this mode by clicking the “fullscreen” button, the entire interface of the dashboard fades away so you can focus on writing. When you need one of the buttons just move your mouse over that area and it will re-appear. Try it out!

The full article announcing the release of WordPress version 3.2 from Matt Mullenweg is posted on WordPress.org. Also, here’s a video announcing the release from WordPress.org:

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