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Create Instant Screencasts for Free with Screenr

Screenshot of Screenr

Today I came across Screenr, a web-based tool for creating screencasts. It’s simple to use and works on both PCs and Macs (since it runs from your browser). Once you record your screencast you can choose to embed it on your website, or share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. With their new universal player feature, your screencasts can play on nearly any device (including an iPhone or iPad) when embedded on your site or blog. And the best part is its completely free to use. This seems like a useful webmaster tool so I wanted to share it with you […]


Page Speed Website Performance Tool from Google Labs

Let’s face it, site performance is an issue that creeps up on all webmasters at some point. It can be easy to miss until you start losing visitors and seeing your bounce rate go up. It’s also an issue that should be corrected quickly since faster site speed means more visitors and higher conversion rates. Well, now’s there’s a new tool from Google that makes it easier for you to improve the speed of your … [ Continue reading article → ]


Free Screen Capture Tools for Webmasters

When creating websites or writing articles for your blog, a common task that comes up is taking a screenshot to capture your screen and save it as an image. Both Windows and Mac OS X provide built in tools to accomplish this task, but neither have all the features many web designers require. In this article we’ll look at several free, screen capture alternatives. Free, Open Source Screen Capture Software For Windows users there are … [ Continue reading article → ]

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