Webmaster Resources I Personally Use

There are tons of webmaster resources, tools and software available to save you time and make running your website easier. These are the webmaster tools and resources I personally use when I’m building websites.

I keep this page up-to-date and will add any new webmaster resources I discover and start using. Many of these tools and resource on this page are free, although some are paid services. Also, just to be entirely open with you, some of the services below will earn me a commission if you do decide to buy them (if you do I thank you for your support!). Most of you who follow this site already know I only recommend products I personally use and believe in, so that won’t affect my review or recommendation in any way. Don’t have take my word for it though. I’ll try to always make it clear which links are affiliates so you can decide for yourself.

Also, when it comes to paid services, make sure you REALLY need something before buying it. Building a website doesn’t have to be expensive! You can do almost everything for free as long as you’re willing to put in a bit of extra time and effort. However, some webmaster tools and resources are VERY helpful and can save you a TON of your valuable time. The ones I’ve included on this page are the ones that work for me and I’m recommending from personal experience. But just because I use them doesn’t mean you have to. Take advantage of the free trials many of them offer and make sure its something you’ll really use if you buy it. To help you out, I’ll do my best to include free alternatives for any tools I talk about so you’ll know what other options you have.

Now, on to the webmaster resources!

Tools for Creating Websites

  • WordPress – WordPress is the popular, open-source content management / blogging software I build almost all my websites on. It’s a solid foundation to build your site on and it makes maintaining it easy. WordPress has an extremely talented, active base of developers who regularly contribute code. Not to mention all the themes and plugins available. Also, it’s completely FREE (so make sure you give back to the WordPress community if you can!).
  • Notepad++ – A free, open-source, improved version of Notepad. Great for coding, whether you’re editing the PHP in WordPress template or building a site from scratch using HTML and CSS.
  • FileZilla – An open-source FTP client perfect for uploading files to your web host.

Web Hosting

  • Bluehost (aff) – Affordable, professional web hosting that’s perfect for creating new websites. They have a 1-click install for WordPress that will get your site up and running in minutes. Bluehost is the top recommended host from the non-profit WordPress.org team, and its what I use for almost all new websites I build for friends, clients and small businesses. Some of the reasons why I use Bluehost is you get a free domain name, a great support team, and reliable service from a trusted company that cares about their customers. Their hosting starts at just $6.95 a month so you really can’t beat Bluehost.
  • WP Engine (affiliate) – For high traffic websites, or websites that require a large amount of server resources, WP Engine is your best choice. We personally use WP Engine for my high traffic sites and couldn’t be any happier with their service and support team. If you’re building a larger website or outgrow your current host, we highly recommend checking out WP Engine.
  • WordPress.com – Looking to start a blog and don’t care about having your own domain name? Get a free blog hosted on WordPress.com. A great way to try out and learn how to use the WordPress software.

Domain Names

  • Godaddy (aff) – I register most of my domain names through Godaddy. I’m not a big fan of their webhosting, but in terms of just registering domain names they’ve always worked great for me. You can’t beat their prices on domains either, especially when they have sales. Currently, they’re having a domain name sale for only $7.49 if you use my affiliate link.
  • Namecheap – A cleaner, better looking user interface for domain name management than Godaddy. If you’re not a fan of Godaddy then give Namecheap a try. The regular price for their domain names is cheaper than Godaddy, unless Godaddy is having a sale (which they often are). I’ve been very happy with the service I’ve recevied from Namecheap.

WordPress Tools and Resources

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Themes

    • ThemeForest (aff) – Huge marketplace for top quality, professional WordPress themes (as well as HTML and other themes). Best way I’ve found to gain access to amazing theme designers for as little as $15 to $30.
    • Templatic (aff) – Quality WordPress themes for just about any type of site you want to build. They focus exclusively on WordPress themes.

Link Building Tools

    • The Best Spinner (aff) – If you do any article marketing and spin articles, The Best Spinner truly lives up to its name. You’ll save time and produce good quality spun articles when you use it right. A very useful tool to have.

Market Research Tools

    • Market Samurai (aff) – One of my “must have” tools for keyword research. Saves me a TON of time by knowing exactly which keywords to go after. They offer a free trial if you want to see for yourself how it works.
    • Google Keyword Tool – Google’s own keyword research tool. Not as much filtering as Market Samurai, but its completely free to use. Every website owner should know about this tool.

For more tools and resources to help you build and maintain your website, take a look over in our Webmaster Tools and Resources category!

– Dana

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