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WordPress 3.3 “Sonny” Officially Released!

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A few hours ago, version 3.3 of WordPress, named “Sonny” (in honor of jazz saxophonist legend Sonny Stitt), was officially released! There are some cool new features in WordPress 3.3, including a drag and drop media upload box. Just drag files right from your computer into the media upload box in your dashboard and the files will automatically be uploaded. Pretty neat. Navigation through your dashboard also looks better than ever with some slick new … [ Continue reading article → ]


WordPress Version 3.1 “Reinhardt” Released

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Yesterday, version 3.1 of WordPress (codenamed “Reinhardt”) was officially released. Some of the new features include a redesigned linking workflow to makes it easier for you to link to existing posts and pages, a streamlined writing interface, an admin bar with some of the most used Dashboard features, a refreshed blue admin scheme available under your personal options, and much more. If you’re a WordPress developer, you’ll also find a bunch of new features that … [ Continue reading article → ]

Welcome to All Webmaster!

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Hi, my name is Dana and here at All Webmaster I teach people how to build websites. I've been creating websites professionally for over 12 years and this is where I'll share the things I've learned so you can build your own website and get people to visit it. [More about...]

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