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Articles and news related to social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The posts on this category are focused on how webmasters can use social media to connect with customers, build their brand, and increase traffic.

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Google+ (Google Plus) Officially Open to the Public!

Google+ Logo

Earlier today Google announced that Google+ is now officially open to the public. In the official announcement, Vic Gundotra (Senior VP of Engineering) stated “Anyone can sign up for Google+ — no invitation required”.


How To Set Your Facebook Page URL (Create Username and Vanity URL)

Facebook Username and Vanity URL

Once you setup a Facebook page for your website or blog, the next thing you’ll want to do is set a username for it. This will allow your page to have a shorter URL in the format of “” (also called a “vanity URL”). It’s easy to create a username for your Facebook page. In this post I’ll show you exactly how to do this, as well as show you in a video tutorial at the end.


Under 5 Minutes: Create a Facebook Fan Page for Your Website or Blog

All Webmaster Facebook Page Screenshot

Creating a Facebook page for your website or blog is a great way to interact with your visitors and drive traffic to your site. Even with these benefits, there are lots of webmasters who still haven’t setup a Facebook fan page for their site. I promise, it’s VERY easy to do, and in this article I’m going to show you step-by-step how to create a Facebook page for your website or blog in less than … [ Continue reading article → ]


Fix: Facebook Like Button Not Working

Facebook Like Button

The Facebook Like button, which recently replaced the Facebook Share button, is a great way to encourage your visitors to share content or posts they like on your website or blog with their friends. When a visitor “likes” something on your site, a link to the page they like is automatically posted to their Facebook stream for all their friends to see. This is an easy way to increase traffic to your site, and many … [ Continue reading article → ]

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