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Link Wheel 101 – How and Why To Build Link Wheels for SEO

Link Wheel

Once you’ve built your website, the next step is getting people to come to it. Getting your site ranked on Google and other search engines through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one popular strategy, and it can be a highly effective way to generate traffic when done correctly. A big part of any off-site SEO strategy is link building. Link building is difficult for many people since it’s not an exact science. Link building tactics … [ Continue reading article → ]


Link Building Tutorial: Web Directory Submission

Web Folder HTML

Link building, or getting external links that point to your website, is an important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). More backlinks mean better search engine rankings and more traffic to your site. Backlinks from larger, well-known sites tend to be worth more in terms of their SEO value. An easy way to get some of these valuable, authoritative backlinks is to submit your site to web directories such as Yahoo! and In this … [ Continue reading article → ]


How to Setup Your WordPress Permalink Structure to Look Good, Perform Well and be SEO Optimized

Blue Wordpress Logo Permalinks 160px Thumbnail

One of the first things you need to do after installing WordPress is to setup the permalink structure. While it is possible to change your permalink structure once your website is up and running, my goal with this article is to provide you with enough information so you can make the right decisions from the start. Trust me, it will make things much easier for you down the line. Don’t worry if your WordPress site … [ Continue reading article → ]

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