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As I mentioned in my last post, I finally have time to start focusing more on All The first thing I needed to do to get the ball rolling was to take a step back and think about what I really want the site to focus on. So I decided to do a full site analysis, something I’ve done many times in the past for clients, but not often enough for my own sites.

I started by looking back over some of my research and notes from when I first decided to re-launch this site. One key topic keep coming up in my notes: creating websites. Building websites is something I have lots of experience with AND a passion for. Teaching is another thing I’ve always liked doing. Combining these two things together is one of the main reasons I decided to re-launch All, especially with the amount of requests I’ve received from friends and family to teach them how to create a website of their own.

Teaching beginners how to build a site is something I’ve done a bunch of times, and after helping out a few friends, I found myself repeating the same things over and over, and even forwarding old e-mails I had sent to the last person I taught. Teaching this subject was very rewarding, but it was clear my method wasn’t very efficient. Plus, without a solid foundation to work off of I was afraid of skipping important pieces of information…

It makes much more sense putting effort into creating a quality lesson once than to re-create the lesson for each person on the fly. Building a top-quality resource for learning how to create a website was my intention with All, and that is where the focus of the site will be. I’ve narrowed down the list of topics I’ll be covering to ones that support this goal.

New Categories for All

Here are the main categories I’ll be teaching, and writing about, here at All

  • Creating a Website – How to build a website
  • Website Promotion – How to generate traffic to your website
  • WordPress – The basics of using WordPress, WordPress tutorials, how to do proper SEO for WordPress sites, useful WordPress plugins, and using WordPress themes
  • SEO – The basics of search engine optimization (SEO) and how to do SEO for your website or blog
  • Content Creation – How to create quality, original content for your website

My goal is to start building a beginner series for each of these topics. Don’t worry if you’re a current reader and already know the basics. I will continue to write about some intermediate-level and advanced material related to these topics. It will take awhile for me to put all the beginner courses together, but I’m sure it will be beneficial to everyone. Beginners will have a solid base of knowledge by the time they complete these courses and join our community. Our more advanced members will get to brush up on their basics (which is always a good thing), and they’ll be rewarded with a larger group of knowledgeable peers to contribute to our community here. As for me, well, I’m sure you’ll keep me on my toes with some great questions and motivate me to stay up-to-date on the latest information. Plus I like helping people :)

Hopefully this update gives you some answers to the direction of this site. There’s lots to do, so I better get back to it! Keep checking back for more updates soon, and, as always, please leave me a comment below with your thoughts. I want to create a site that’s helpful to YOU, and your feedback is very much appreciated!

– Dana

About the Author: Dana Duncan

Hi, my name is Dana, and I've been building websites for over 12 years. It's a topic I'm passionate about and enjoy teaching. Here at All I teach people how to create and run websites, and show businesses how to build or improve their web presence.

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Hi, my name is Dana and here at All Webmaster I teach people how to build websites. I've been creating websites professionally for over 12 years and this is where I'll share the things I've learned so you can build your own website and get people to visit it. [More about...]

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