How To Set Your Facebook Page URL (Create Username and Vanity URL)

Facebook Username and Vanity URL

Now that you’ve learned how to setup a Facebook page for your website or blog, the next thing you’ll want to do is set a username for it. This will allow your page to have a shorter URL in the format of “” (also called a “vanity URL”). Luckily, it’s very easy to create a username for your Facebook page. In this post I’ll show you exactly how to do this, as well as show you in a video tutorial at the end.

What is a Facebook Page URL (Vanity URL)

Using an example is the best way to show you what a Facebook Page URL actually is. For the All Facebook Page, when I first created this page the URL for it was:

Once I set the username for this Facebook page to “allwebmaster” my new Facebook Page URL was shortened to this:

As I’m sure you can see, this new vanity URL has a much cleaner look than the first one, which makes it easier to share with your audience when you’re talking to them or speaking in a video. All you need to do to get a vanity URL like this for your Facebook Page is to create a username for it.

Create a Username for Your Facebook Page

The first thing I should mention is you must get at least 25 people to “like” your Facebook Page before you can create a username for it. Once your page has over 25 likes, follow these simple steps to create a username for it:

  1. Sign into Facebook and navigate to the Facebook Page you want to create a username and vanity URL for.
  2. Click the “Edit Info” link directly under your page title
  3. On this page you’ll see a “Username” field (it’s the second one down from the top). Click the link in this section that says “Create a username for this page”.
  4. Make sure the correct page is selected in the drop down menu on this page. Once it is, enter your desired username in the text field and click the “Check Availability” button.
  5. If the username you entered is available you’ll see a screen pop up telling you this, along with a few warnings. One of the things included here is a notification that once you create the username for your Facebook page you won’t be able to change it or transfer it to someone else in the future. Make sure you choose the name you REALLY want before moving on to the next, and final, step.
  6. Finally, once you’re sure you’ve entered the username you want, click the “Confirm” button

That’s it, you’re done! You now have a shorter Facebook Page URL. If you want to see this process step-by-step, I’ve posted a short screencast video below from when I created a username for the All Facebook page. Enjoy!

Video Tutorial: How To Set Your Facebook Page Username and URL

Below is a screencast I made of me creating a username for the All Facebook Page. It only took me a little over a minute to do this, including the extra time where I’m explaining the process.

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Hi, my name is Dana, and I've been building websites for over 12 years. It's a topic I'm passionate about and enjoy teaching. Here at All I teach people how to create and run websites, and show businesses how to build or improve their web presence.

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  • Hi Dana
    I have a poster with a facebook QR code using the my numeric (longer) facebook url for my fan page. If I get a vanity url, will the the old url (via the QR code) still work?

    • Hi Elliot, thanks for stopping by All Yes, the old URL with all the numbers will still continue to work. In fact, the old URL will automatically forward people to the new, shorter vanity URL you setup. Feel free to test this with my original Facebook URL ( and you can see exactly how it works.

  • I got my 25 “likes” on my business page. I believe I set my vanity URL on the profile page so I can’t set it for my business page. I can reset my profile page URL (the can reset it once rule). Is this what I do to free up my vanity URL I want for my business page? Even when I type my vanity URL in google, it doesn’t lead anywhere anyway. Why is this?

    • Hi Wendy,

      Congratulations on getting 25 likes! Your facebook profile is different from your business page. You shouldn’t need to reset your profile page URL or anything like that to set a vanity URL. Make sure you’re looking at the settings for your business page to set the vanity URL. You can do this by clicking on your “Home” tab, then on the left hand menu you should see a sub-menu called “Pages”. Click the name of the page you want to set the vanity URL for. Once you’re on your business page, click the “Edit Info” link directly under the name of the page. You should be able to set your vanity URL on this page under the “Username”. Setting. Hope that helps!

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  • I have a business vanity URL, but if I type the vanity url the page doesn’t show up it just redirects you to the facebook homepage, I have to be log in Facebook to see the business page. What am I doing wrong, I have 26 fans, do I need to do another step in order for the redirect to work.

    Thanks for your help,

    • Hi Maria,

      Once you’ve setup your vanity URL using the steps in the tutorial it should work. If you want to confirm if its setup correctly go to your facebook page, click the “edit info” button below your p[age title, and make sure your username is set. If it shows up here then your redirect should be working.

  • Thank you Dana I hope you are having a wonderful beginning of the year, it has been re4ally busy for me.

    I check the “edit info” page and under username I have the the following:

    Username: You can now direct people to Learn more.

    But it still not working, it is soooooooo frustrating, any other ideas?


    • Hi Maria,

      I just tried your link and it worked for me. Another visitor mentioned an error with the redirect not working unless they were logged into Facebook. Give that a shot and see if it starts working for you as well.

  • […] How To Set Your Facebook Page URL (Create Username and Vanity URL) […]

  • […] How To Set Your Facebook Page URL (Create Username and Vanity URL) […]

  • Hi, is it possible to change facebook PROFILE username more than once? a friend.. changed it.. and i can’t get the old one back… ?

    • I believe there is a one time change limit. Before this, they wouldn’t let you change it at all. Facebook’s policies are constantly shifting, but for now you might need to keep the name you have. Or you could try contacting Facebook support and telling them an unauthorized user changed your name. They might be willing to help in this situation…

  • I had a Vanity URL GoodPeople matching my domain & business – Facebook just revoked it and stated it needs to be as close as possible to my name.

    I suspect any Vanity URL as advocated above is at the same risk as mine was to be just taken at any time, forcing you to create a new one.

    • Hi JB,

      Thanks for the heads up. I’ve heard this was possible but didn’t know of anyone it happened to. Good to keep in mind when choosing your Facebook vanity URL

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