Back from Traveling, Time for a Site Update!

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So, I’m finally back from my latest traveling adventure and I want to give you all an update on All and what’s coming next.

The biggest thing I’ve been working on is a brand new site structure with more focus on the topics you want to hear about, and I enjoy writing about. It’s no secret that the topics of my posts here sometimes jump from topic to topic. That’s partly because I try to write a post anytime I’m answering a question from a friend or one of my visitors. I figure it makes sense to write one thorough answer to the question so it will always be there if someone else has the same question in the future, but the problem with this is there’s no order to the type of questions I receive. Don’t worry, I still plan to keep up this approach and answer as many questions as I can. What I’m going to do differently is to create a better foundation of basic knowledge to tie all these seemingly random questions together. In other words, I’ll cover all the basics and then use your questions as a way to dive deeper into these topics. Make sense?

How Will The Site Be Organized Going Forward?

In order to build a solid foundation covering all the basics of building a website, I’m going to need to narrow the focus of this site. This is something I’ve meant to do from the start of the site re-launch, but with other projects going on I guess I dropped the ball on this. My bad! There are so many parts to building a successful website that it’s almost impossible for me to do them all justice. What I can do, however, is focus on the stuff I most commonly do AND know the most about. For all of you who have been following the site for awhile you can probably guess this includes topics such as WordPress, SEO, domain names, niche sites and building traffic. That’s not the full list by any means, and if there’s anything else specific you’d like to see me tackle more of here please leave me a comment below and let me know what it is.

Some “Extras” for My Readers…

I also have a few more good surprises in store as a thank you to my readers. For example, I’d like to start giving away some of my professional services (site analysis, business consultation, SEO reports, etc) on a WEEKLY basis. That’s right, I want to give YOU some of these services for FREE. It’s easier for me to teach website building topics by using real world examples, plus its a way to give back to you guys for all your support. I’m still working out the details for the best way to do this, but it sounds like a win-win idea to me. What do you guys think?

Time to Wrap Things Up and Start Doing!

I realize some of this many sound a bit jumbled right now. I’m trying to get some of my ideas down here to get your feedback, but my mind is racing thinking about all the possibilities. Yeah, I’m pretty excited to finally have the time to start working more on this site again and make these ideas a reality! Now, it’s time for me stop writing about my ideas and start making them happen. I think you’re going to like what’s coming next for All…

Lastly, as always, I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions in the comments below!

About the Author: Dana Duncan

Hi, my name is Dana, and I've been building websites for over 12 years. It's a topic I'm passionate about and enjoy teaching. Here at All I teach people how to create and run websites, and show businesses how to build or improve their web presence.

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  • I’ve found your wordpress articles to be VERY helpful. It sounds like a good idea to write more articles for wordpress beginners. Maybe talk about some good plugins too? Look forward to seeing all these changes when they go live!

    • Thanks for the feedback Chris! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my WordPress articles, especially since WordPress will most definitely be one of the main topics I write about. And yes, I do plan to do more WordPress plugin reviews in the future.

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