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Hi, I’m Dana. Welcome to my site, AllWebmaster.com! I’ve been building websites professionally for over 12 years, and I started AllWebmaster.com to share with you what I’ve learned and to teach you how to build your own websites (or improve any you already have).

The topics I focus on here include: creating websites, promoting websites to increase traffic, search engine optimization (SEO), creating content to publish on websites (writing articles, making videos, etc), using WordPress, and tools and resources to make your life as a webmaster easier.

My Story

I built my first website back in 1999 during my sophomore year of high school when I was 15 years old. This was the late-90’s so it was, of course, full of pixelated images and bright, flashing animated GIFs. A piece of art, really. Or not. I didn’t know what I was doing at first, but I knew there was something to this new internet thingy and I was determined to learn. I read every book I could get my hands on, tried every website building tool available, and followed every webmaster tutorial I could find using the powerful Lycos and Altavista search engines (this was back in the time before Google!). Mostly I learned by doing, and from my mistakes. I must have literally made hundreds of websites covering every topic imaginable. To my surprise, a few of the websites started getting visitors. A lot of visitors! When I began receiving phone calls and emails from major companies asking about advertising opportunities on my sites I ran with it.

In less than a year, I had a full fledged internet business going with several of my friends. I had learned a lot about building and promoting websites in that time. All the hard work paid off and I was able to buy myself a new car when I turned 16 and got my driver’s license (one of my main goals for starting the company). I continued to create and run websites for the next 2 years as I finished up high school, and then for the next 4 years to pay my way through college (I earned my bachelors degree from Bentley College with a major in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Marketing).

After college I sold a few of my websites and took some time off to travel, then earn my masters degree (in Computing Sciences with a focus in Systems Analysis). Throughout all of this I continued to learn new web technologies and to build websites for friends and small businesses. Next I started working for a financial company, on the IT side, of course.

To be honest, the real world experience of running a business and creating websites taught me more than any class I’ve ever taken, and I’m VERY grateful to everyone who helped me along the way. This appreciation extends to all the people who posted tutorials and lessons on how to write HTML and make those crazy animated GIFs that helped my first websites be as awesome as they were. In all seriousness, if it wasn’t for all the hard work and effort others put into writing those type of lessons, I never would have learned the skills I did and I wouldn’t have been able to do all the amazing things I have done.

This site is a way for me to give back. I want to offer the same type of articles and tutorials that will teach you how to build a website and grow a large online audience (minus the late-90’s website look and feel I originally learned, of course). Whether you’re building your very first website, or you’re a small business owner looking to expand your online presence by taking matters into your own hands, I sincerely hope the tutorials and information on AllWebmaster.com will help you achieve your goals.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with feedback or suggestions to improve AllWebmaster.com (or to just say hi or thanks!). Enjoy the site!

Welcome to All Webmaster!

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Hi, my name is Dana and here at All Webmaster I teach people how to build websites. I've been creating websites professionally for over 12 years and this is where I'll share the things I've learned so you can build your own website and get people to visit it. [More about...]

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