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Over the past couple days I’ve been doing some stuff with domain names (posts to more details to come shortly…). As a result I’ve been on the phone with GoDaddy.com support quite a bit. After the first couple of calls I checked the Go Daddy contact page and couldn’t find a 1-800 number or any other toll free numbers to call. They don’t seem to advertise their toll free number, but once I started looking off the GoDaddy.com site I quickly found the number I was looking for. It’s actually a 1-866 number (which is toll free just like a 1-800 number), and it’s a pretty obvious one as well. In case anyone else has trouble finding the toll free number for GoDaddy.com support, here it is:

GoDaddy.com’s Toll Free Phone Number: 1-866-GO-DADDY (1-866-463-2339)

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  • hey dana!! I just found you by googling. I’m in big mess here, i created a ning network named friendsred and bought the domain name from godaddy.com. Then i mapped my domain name http://www.friendsred.ning.com to http://www.friendsred.com and i forwarded url so url of my site can be friendsred.com only. it has been 4 days and still my url is not forwarded. So what do i have to do now to forward my url or it will take more time for forwarding url. And thanks in advance for helping.

    • Hi Malay,

      It looks to me like your domain name is forwarding correctly to your ning.com site. When I type in your .com domain name it automatically brings me your ning.com address. Good luck with your new domain name!

      • hey! Again i’m in need for your help. Can you tell me is it good deal to pay for seo optimization or can i bring ranking of my site on first page in Google by some Google tools

        • Hi Malay, I would recommend doing most of the SEO work yourself unless you have extra money and need results fast. You can learn all the basics of SEO free through online tutorials and over the long run you’ll be able to apply the SEO knowledge you pick up on other projects as well. Some paid SEO services are a bit scamy so if you do decide to go the paid route make sure you ask them exactly what they’re going to be doing for you. A real SEO consultant should have no problem telling you what they are doing and why.

          Good luck!

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